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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scraplifting the old LOs

Remember the Lo of who's that guy? hehe... it was never finished the last time i did this.. Last nite i couldn't sleep so i looked thru my old scrapbook album..and found this LO and haha i never get it done cuz i lost words when it comes to journalling and giving the title... so here it is... tried my best to give the right journalling suits him. hehe...and yes...he was my best memory and im glad we're still good friends for each other esp the fact that he still want me to be his wake up caller ...lol.... :p~

For those who might recognize his face from somewhere (ehemsss) just keep it to urself.... lol...
i don't want to be interviewed in the melodi! lol :P haha....

Flower ! Flower! and more brads!

Another Scraplifted LO

"Best Of Friends"
Updated by;
M.f.Y (The Turtle Addict)