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Monday, June 16, 2008

As requested by our "princess" ;p and the babehs..
Here are the updates on my current LO's, sowy fo the delay u guys..
Thank goodness to my dear colleague who was willing to lend his memory card reader 'again' (as i got prob. with mine)
I shall say this was my 1st real assignment with the girls, we had a scrap session at the "princess" place last Friday. But i was a bit blurred and lacked of idea that day, so i continued to finish up the LO's as a homework hehe and here come the outcomes.

We were supposed to follow a given sketch,(as posted by mimiey & bibie) but i modified it a lil bit hehe i gess im not reali gud at following the sketch huh ;p

And here are some of my other recent LO's uploaded esp for our "princess" who complaint to see my works hehe well i think thats about it..fo now..

Till next tym,