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Monday, June 30, 2008

it always took me sumtyms to update my scrapworks eh.. i gess im juz too lazy to transfer the pics. from my cam and "waiting" for-the-quite-sumtyms-for-it-to-be uploaded into this blog, or isn't it that im always too lazy for juz anything nowadays?? haha basically yea.. but i kno the babehs knows me too well and will understand ;p
p/s: hvn't finish my lp babes.. lols..hopefully im able to finish it by tonite well..but at least i had done some of it, so sokay..hehe nvm..enuff of that..
here are my current scrapworks

last scrap session work with the babehs at my house.. i was a bit nauseous that day but able to finished the scrapwork wonderfully with a lil help of silly thoughts and 'over imaginations' of the babehs and the ideas in a way really contributed to polish this piece hihi..

Specially made for one of the babehs who had juz celebrated her bday this mid June.. it's a wooden plate door hanger..Hope she likes it.(Dun be deceived by the looks, hee it's only small in size trust me!! ;D )

Well thats the only scraps i managed to do for the past few days..
so i'm off fo now.. adiosss.. c ya next tym..