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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I was on my way home, it was around 9pm and it was raining. It was at Serembangun/ Lubok Pulau area in the direction of going to Belait District. (just before the U-turn to Kg. Tg Maya/ Lubok Pulau from Belait).I was driving on the right lane and a Hyundai Tucson was on the left lane. There was a pothole that I knew of around that area, so I decided to keep on the right lane. This Hyundai Tucson was driving slow but I guess the driver didn't realize the pothole infront of him. He/She HIT it. Then, the car swerved to my lane, a few metres infront of me, thank goodness, I still managed to brake slowly and that car suddenly turn 360 degress before it hit the 'metal stable' that actually stopped it from crashing into ME. Syukur alhamdulilah, that the car did not overturn whatsover. I guess the driver's side of the car was affected only. I was shocked and scared as I thought the car would hit ME as it turned 360 degrees just a few metres from my car. I didn't stop as I was shocked and crying. (yes! crying!)

I am relieved that I did not hit my brakes hard as I was panicking. I was shouting "Ya Allah" repeatedly as I prayed that the car would not hit ME. i hope all the passengers of the car are fine. Amin!

p/s: Be careful if you are driving during rainy season, beware of the stupid potholes.

Shocked & Scared,