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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yeah it's happy hour everyone! Proudly inform everyone who would like to join our school health club for a day trip to Kuraman Island (privatly owned by a local). We will be organizing this trip on 15th June 2008 and you will have to confirm and pay us by 9th June 2008 so that everything will be well prepared. The cost for each person will be $65. This will include BBQ, Snorkelling activity, Banana rides and Fishing (for those who are interested in fishing will have to bring your own fishing rod).

Im looking forward to your response :o)

Stress with your works? Too much problems to solve? Suffering worst migraine? Forget it! This will make u forget all those! Let's have fun with us! May be for the scrappers..this will be your chance to scrap about this Fun trip! :o)

And don't forget to check out for the new challenge by ScrappingTheMUSIC

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