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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Invitation for ATC-making

Hi everyone.... it's been a while since we last did our crop session. I'll be a little busy this mth due to the celebration month and lots of tasks to do and i hardly hav times to go to bandar, except when im free. Anyway... while we're enjoying our free times at home.... im thinking of inviting everyone (non-Shebabes' scrappers are most welcome too) to make the ATC for each other..

For info:
ATC means Artist Trading Cards (- in which we can make and create our own mini cards from scraps and then ready for swaps... im sure this will be interesting. We can use our left over and bits cut from patterned papers used previously. A good way...not to waste them.. :o) I used to love making these when i was in uk...

for more details on how ATC may look like...feel free to click n view the link HERE