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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Black Magic!

Well i have nothing much to say...other than sharing this cool blog of scrapbooking activity where u can join up the challenge....cool sketches! shud try!

Black Magic

And Reviews on WANTED movie:

What else can i say about this movie.... ***** <--yes definitely a 5stars movie! One of the coolest movie after Ironman and Hulk! except....not for kid tho! Too much violence and especially this movie is about training an ordinary guy to be the best killer amongst all! And technically speaking....it's COOL! (not the part when u hav to kill the innocent people...) And yes i love Wesley Gibson the main charater eventho i've never had any idea who is him...

anyway i wont say more.... u have to watch urself and experience the whole story! You will feel like u were getting set up by others to believe what u see and wat u kno so far. i hav no regret watchin it a little late last evening wt leejah n her fiance...we were supposed to watch it around 5:30pm but we missed the show and decided takin the 7:30 show.... so we had our sushi as well! :o) thanks to leejah! my wishes were fulfilled last nite :P!

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