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Monday, July 28, 2008

Stage Deco & Saturday Nite Performance ( & Special guest performance of JACKO )

Hey.... as promised...here im posting some of the pics taken during the Saturday Nite Show organized by our school n SMMHT last 26th July 2008 and proudly presented my Stage Deco which was done in 1 whole day,.....very tiring indeed but im fully satisfied wt the outcomes.... with just a low budget...i managed to come up wt something everyone can be satisfied of....and i would like to thanks to some of my students who helped me with the stapling here and there....cutting this and that.... so n so..... thank u....

Performance by SMSB girls "Cicak"

Performances by SMMHT's students ..
i have to admit they performed better than the girls..so big applaus to the boys...salute!

They won the group category! Congratz! i love their voices too...

Part of the Dance Fever

& proudly present our famous JACKO and his dancers from AJ DANCERS!

p/s: to Jacko..i still remember when u were practising for the moonwalk while waiting for our check-in time in labuan airport...years ago...haha.... and look at what u have become now....the famous JACKO!
FYI: For those who r interested to invite him and his dancers to perform for a private function, you may leave us a message via comment and i will inform him. Owh btw..they have had performed for several occasions already with such a good pay...so remind u.... They dont perform for free.... :o) except for our previous nite show...it was a surprise appearance by him n the dancers so we didnt kno anything about the performance....thanks to him for such a fantastic show...he surely brought more crowd that nite.... everyone stayed till the end of the show! Congratz Jacko!
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