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Monday, July 28, 2008

MoJo's Attack!

Yeah! We're one of the Kreativ Blogger. Thanks to Alin for kindly nominating and awarding us as one of the kreativ blogger. It does make us feel like someone's really looking and appreciating our creativities. And yeah....for sharing with us as well.... it's such a pleasure...Eversince this scrappin addiction.....it really brings us closer to other scrappers around the world....hugs....
Now here's the rule, so dearest scrapper check this out:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 6 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees...
and here's my chosen ones:
1. Daniel Thompson
2. Debee Campos
3. Regiane
4. Viv
5. Alin
6. Lucy

and back to my story... I'm finally done with my big task yesterday... wt the stage deco...it was definitely one tiring day. I worked on it from 9am and only finished around 4pm with the final touch up.... Everything was done in one day.... i was a bit worried that my design wudnt fit well cuz i didnt know how big the stage was....and it was really big for the design...and i had to do some add ons that day... and with just a smaller budget of $50 for that big stage...i had to make use of the stuff i bought which i thought wud be useful for the deco...and thank god with the help of few of my students....they understood what i wanted them to do...and we finally got it done by 4+pm... i will post the pics of the stage deco tomorrow and as well as my latest LOs of STM's challenge and Artz de scrap project....yeay... finally...... i can concentrate on my next project......it's a surprise....

Btw...here's my take on the scrapbooking quiz which i took from Vivs

You are STICKERS!You like brightening things up in life and decorating your living space with your own personal style. You are versatile and able to get things done with a stick-to-it attitude. People love your colorful personality and personal flair! You like exploring new things and are willing to try anything once. But Stickers beware - sometimes you like to stick to someone that you like a little too much and take them into your confidence a little too easily. Your personality tends to make you a steadfast friend, but make sure the friends you choose are worth your efforts! <-- which i think is true...since i've recently felt really annoyed of one person whom i thought was really a friend...but well...since it's kinda personal...and most of my Shebabes' friends know about it already.... let's the story stay safe wt us....it's not good talkin the bad thing about someone eventho THAT person has been acting so bad.....let's leave that to the ONE to decide and do the job.....for the time being...i rather not hate That person...but keeping myself a distant is safer.....i believe in karma... and i believe in GOD.