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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sketch Plan for both scrapbooking and painting

Hi....... sorry i havent been scrappin for the past few days...no mood yet.... but i've been sketchin few plans for my future layout and yes..... im planning to start my new masterpiece painting...... im craving for the smell of the acrylics! lol....especially after looking thru all paintings by elsie....really inspire me to start painting again...... and im inspired by the layout by blackmagic.blogspot.com.... so besides doin the lo for the scrapbookin, im gonna do my painting based on the layout as well...which will be entitled "Self Portrait". :o) I will soon try to upload the progress of my masterpiece when everything is ready... :o)

this is the sketch plan inspired by lo from Black Magic

Software: CS3 Photoshop