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Saturday, July 19, 2008

STARBUCKS' Closing Down!

(Taken from HERE

Hey babehs.... have u read about the news on Yahoo n MSN news about the closing down of 600 Starbucks stores. The closure list been revealed on msn news..so check it out..but not to worry... malaysia, indonesia's still survive. So before it happen, better buy some of the products for our collection in the future.... haha which i havent..... so this comin trip to KL...pls remind me to buy at least one bie ah...hehe.....

For more news on it please click HERE

and yeah... i've done my 2nd stage of my mini album for the Artz De Scrap Project. It's not finished yet but you can always check on the current progress @ Art-Addict

this is it for now...will update u soon.... hugs