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Sunday, July 6, 2008

I could not believe it is Sunday already..nearly the end of the weekend..hmmpphh..somehow, I feel tired...yeah tired! I guess it is the after-effects of bringing out my two hyperactive Qaiyum and Haiyun..Last Thursday night, my fiance & I brought them to the UNI arcade at The Mall. They were having fun, by 'they' including my fiance who was busy playing his fav game i.e Tekken DR..Qaiyum won a Hello Kitty Multi-tier container from the Happy Gyro..I was impressed hehehe..We played till they were no more tokens left $15 worth of tokens were all gone in less than an hour. AMAZING! They wanted toys next and off we went to the shops. They bought their toys then the magic question? "Kan balik tani?" (they were eager to play with their toys) I said "Not yet". We went to Dixy and had our dinner and they played with the new toys. Soon after that we went home. That's my thought. No, we didn't go home. My fiance suggested checking out the beautiful lights or 'cucul'. It was nice. Haiyun was really enthusiastic looking at the 'cucul'.

Qaiyum with his prize

Haiyun & Me in the car

Nice 'cucul' infront of the Palace...

See? Hyperactive kids..

Then, last night (Saturday), my fiance was enthusiastic when he heard the arrival of Tekken 6 at the arcade. After a few months of anticipation.. I brought along Qaiyum & Haiyun again. This time, they played $20 worth of tokens. hmmmphh..I was lucky as I won myself a doll when I played the Happy Gyro...Awesome..hehehe..Qaiyum & Haiyun bought PS2 games. We had our dinner at Tamu Selera and I was too tired by then. Here are the pics:

I like looking at their happy faces!

Finalllly....I managed to do an LO today!

paper, heart-shaped paper, flowers, brads, chipboards, felt fusions, stickers.