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Thursday, August 21, 2008

BeautiFOOL Disaster

Hey readers, sorry for the late updates. We've been busy wt some commitments....And we havent been scrapping lately..... Besides lacking of mojo..... im pretty much engaged wt my addiction towards Korean Drama and more of artworks for students' references. But i did a little bit of scrapping for my bestfriend's bday letter.... something to impress and cheer him up and as a reminder to him...that im still around and always there for him!

I had recently finished watching another Yoo's previous series Star Candy & Biscuit Teacher. The story quite slow but i m pretty much satisfied wt the ending... I still personally think... Yoo's the perfect hero for every dramas..... The sweet gentlemen...who always ended up crying more than the girls in the dramas....awwww........ so touching...... i love him more than my Exes! ahahhahahahahah..... yes....u can say im crazy! I'm even thinkin to go to Korea if i hav enuff cash! ahahaha..... But let's go to KL first! I miss doing all the crazy shopping..... I need more MOMOE's in my collection......

Anyway here are some of my photoshop artworks which will be use as references for my future paintings and scrapbooking....im even thinking of producing postcards or paper prints.... but lets say it's just one of my wishlist for now....hahaha i can be a little ambitious but less effort....lol... and let's hope i'll be doing some scrapbooking this weekend...... fingers X~!

Beautifool Disaster 1 - My girls wanted me to show how to use the brushes in photoshop...and hence...this is the product.... it's more-like an abstract artwork.

BeautifOOl Disaster 2 - This will be my future project for my art masterpiece. Need to get myself a big canvas at least 12"x12" inches. And also some oil acrylics...im also thinking to use screenprinting technique..... so don't be surprise if ill be having another sudden M.I.A in the future....

A personalized bday postcard of 8R size for my bestfriend's bday- along with the scrapped letter below....

The scrapped letter using the OLW's challenge word "FAITH"

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