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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Pics from M.f.y's Casio

This is how i usually eat my ice cream at home....while watching Coffee Prince. :o) Yummy.
Nestle Crunch Ice cream
My favorite shoes from Vincci (bought in kk)

& more from M.f.y's Sketch Journal:

Moment like this
Sketching the scenery at the Giant Department store carpark while waiting for Bibie from her meeting. Watercolor only applied at home.

Sketching the branches above my car. Location: In front of BIBD Tunku Link

Journey of life

Quick Watercolor drawing while waiting for my girls to finish up their screenprinting.

& Finally:

Congratz to Nonna on her Engagement last 8th August 2008. Finally! We're so happy for u....
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