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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Category Stories -"Guilty Pleasure" (September Challenge)

I've been motivated to do more LOs this week...due to my new available paper stacks.. :o)... So i am determined to join the Category Stories' September Challenge for the very first time. :o) I've always been following their updates all this while.. but only decided to join their challenge now... For this month challenge, they want us to create a LO based on their previous titles.. so this is kind of givin us the chance to create any of their previous challenge which we have missed so far... And i've chosen the title Guilty Pleasure for my first CS' LO. And I'm quite satisfied with the result.. :o).. So here's my take:

My usual Subject ever: Little Aqil (Isn't he such a guilty pleasure?)

p/s: there's a correction on the journalling. i forgot to put "make" before mistakes.. :o) anyway here...the journalling says:
"When You Make Mistakes, You tend to forget the guilt...Bcoz, sometimes it's fun Breaking the house rules" <-- only applied to babies :o) hehe...

For further details on the LO, i will upload more pics on it @Art-AddiCt

till then...cheers ya'all

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