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Monday, September 1, 2008

My 2nd Art De Scrap Project -

I know this is a little late to post my work. Especially the fact that i only started making it on saturday nite since i only received the felt (6"x6") posted by Liza Yet last week i think... it's quite simple...i used the felt as the picture frame.
Btw, Last saturday afternoon i went to Shabby chic mall with lyna to do some scrap shopping...hehe my plan was to buy papers only but also ended up buying colorful button brads which only cost me $11.90 i think, stitched tape (i dunno wat it's called) but we got to get discount for it..from $13+ reduced to $8+ only...yeay!, I even bought colorful eyelets (eventho i kno i hardly used this...but i hope i will soon), and 9 new papers..... one of it used for the above project..check out the colorful cut-out circular shapes.....
Yesterday story:
We went to Miri. Leejah actually fetched me up around 7+am... but we had to fetch her fiance first in KB before we actually left for Miri at 8:30-9am? i dun really remember tho..hehe i didnt check the time cuz i was so sleepy the whole morning..i felt asleep along the journey... eventho Leejah played the My Girl dvd in the car.. (i only slept at 4:30am earlier.... so didnt have enuff sleep)... I think we arrived Miri around 11+ am? rite? and spent about 2 and 1/2 hrs at Imperial mall... we left for parkson around 3pm i think.... and also did a little shopping at the toys world and bookstore... haha....i got funny story.... about my "Pretty striped Bag!!" ... nantitah ceta... :o).. Below are the list of stuff i bought yesterday in Miri....
1. Maxis Top ups (rm30) <-- it was a must!
2. Jeans (the same jeans ive always been wearing...i need a new one of the same pattern n design..haha) and it was very cheap...usual price rm90 and i got to buy it half price...yeay! (rm45)
3. Cleo Magazine (rm10.50)
4. turtle earrings (rm7)
5. Scrapbook magazine (rm29) & Another interior magazine (rm15)
6. Pendragon Book 7- The Quillance Games (finally..i found it...after a year of searching for it! they don't have it in Brunei... and it's very cheap in toysworld bookstore only cost me rm15.90)
7. Colorful Striped bag from Toysworld and bookstore (rm39.90)
8. Creamy white shoes from E&E ..i like!!! very much! (rm69.90)
9. Foods shopping (KFC)
10. Stationary shopping (rm71.90)
i think total spending lastnite was around B$120 only..hehe.... but...haha...i didnt get to buy shoes and bags for raya...lol... planning catu..lain tah plg haha....
ill post stuff i bought in my next post ah.....
this is it for the update now.... b.b.s
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