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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello babes & readers, it has been awhile I didn't do any updates on this blog..No LO from me as yet..Just want to share this..I've bought a pair of crocs today at Crocs's sole distributor in Brunei. It's located in KB. I heard about it not so long ago from a friend but only got the chance to go there today with Mommy & Has. Here are the pics:

Crocs shop at Kg. Pandan 7, Shop No. 23 & 24

Ofcourse, it should be red..next one,
I will buy crocs with holes so that I can decorate it with lots of jibbitz..

It is ergonomic & comfortable foot wear..bagus utk jalan2..

My friend, Has's B'day is coming soon and I'm currently doing her birthday card..my SB skills are a bit rusty..hehehe will post it when I'm done yeah..I guess..til here for now. Cheers!

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