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Monday, October 13, 2008

My Winning LO @ Category Stories September Anniversary challenge

Yeay babes! I just found out my LO won the challenge! Just checked out the blog lastnite...I had to ensure it was mine...lol...they had 4 different sponsors for the anniversary challenge...so i feel a little bit lucky to b one of the chosen LO..yeay! A big thanks to CS for choosing my lo.... :o)

This is the winning LO! one of my favorites....so im pleased wt it...

"Guilty Pleasure"

& below are some photos of yesterday open house and at BB's crib wt the babehs :o)

From left: Lulu Froggy, Lyna Fish, Bb heart, Mimiey turtle

@ my crib (12/10/2008) (with Balong & Lenshong)

@ Bb's crib from left Bb, Nona, Me, Leejah
more pics will be upload..sorry connection problem....fail saja...

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