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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally an ENERGETIC LO (for OLW word up: Energy)

Heya!!! Finally..im back wt a new LO...after such a long BREAK! It doesnt mean that im finally Free tho... Im still in my very busy week of paper-marking, Stage Deco which already started since yesterday doing the sketch on the plywood and this morning we did the woodworkm cutting out the design for the stage dego.. (yes! we managed to beg the school to buy us a new cutting machine.. the BOSCH brand which cost us $300) hehe.... That's surely the best gift for the Art department! Hehe... I was excited yet a little bit under pressure..since our dateline given is by saturday or monday morning! And i still have marks to be inserted in the yellow sheet and as well as the students report books... ohoho.... And i havent bought any dress for our annual dinner this Saturday! Which i think... i mite end up wearing my available dress.... owh well..it doesnt matter...as long as i wont go out of theme..then it shud be okay kan.. hehe...

Enuff wt all those....here's my LO created for OLW word up challenge "ENERGY":

As usual my subject has always been our little Aqil! Our first priority! And this word Energy simply fits him the best. Since he's like our super Energy Booster! His Smile! His very hyper-active behavior and his Energetic smile hav always brighten our days...and also totally boost up our Energy too... :o)

Anyway... ive recently been approached by my dear friend Maya to join her new Creative Community blog HERE
and im honored to join her n be one of the contributors as the Artist (perhaps?) . Thanks Maya for inviting me. Im so delighted to share my talent soon..hehe but not for now since im still bz wt my tasks...but will surely get back to that and we'll see what i can do... :o)

so...this is it for now..will get back when im free :o)