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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrapmojo Challenge #26

Hey people! Finally i scrapped again this afternoon. Was suddenly in the mood of scrapping and after such a long time since my last scrapping for Scrapmojo challenge...here is another lo for SM...finally....:o) i love their challenge #26. Creating something like some sort of soap box. Something to document the way we feel about certain thing... I myself... as a peace lover...i always wish that i could hav the power to bring peace to the world...looking at how our world turns out nowadays.... from natural disasters to human disasters... i personally think that even if we cant do anything about it.... but words itself can help us change the world... so here i am.... trying to express my feelings towards WORLD's PEACE <---bie..lurus Englishku? :P hehe
p/s: since the dateline is on the 30th November 2008..my bday! So i made this LO as a present to myself..lol...


Here is what i did yesterday. Wrapping the gifts for my students and creating the special decorative congratulation cards for those who managed to be in the top 3.

& My Purchase on the 27th November 2008 @ ShabbyChic

The original total cost was $66++ and there was a discount of 40% which only cost me $44.70 :o) <-- approximatelyla i forgot..hehehe but something like thatlaa yeah..

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