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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just sharing the good news... my big bro's wife Ana just gave birth to a baby girl this evening around 9pm (16th december 2008) :P but too bad..my Bro,is currently not in Brunei to witness the happy moment! He just flew to KL this morning to accompany his students for the Robotic Competition in UITM Shah Alam KL. It's really unexpected la cuz the due date supposed to be next yr sometimes in 1st week of January. So it's kinda too early. She was just doin fine this morning before she left for her family home. And in the afternoon, we received a call that she had a sudden pain so they brought her to the hospital and the Dr told them that she was ready to give birth.. I just texted up my bro this evening..i kno he was kinda happy but also sad that he cudnt be there during the delivery....anyway Congratz Bro! we have new member in the family! yeay...and finally a niece! :o) Hope my little nephew wont be jealous of her later... lol..(he's currently asleep...under my care!) that's it for now.... will update soon wt more scrappin project! Hopefully before i leave for our long holiday vacation to KL :P~
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