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Sunday, December 28, 2008

KL - We're In LOVE!

Heyyyyy babes! Me n leejah had safely arrived in KL around 11pm but delayed by our luggage and only left the airport before 12 if im not mstaken. One thing i didnt like about the arrival was to find out my luggage was opened...luckily my laptop was still in it..My Name tag which i had beautifully scrapped earlier in Brunei had gone missing...siot!!!! Anyway we reached at Damansara around 12:45pm, our taxi driver dropped us at the 24/7 MacDonald since my friend's PA pick us up there... He only arrived around 1+ so we had times to get our late supper (is that what we call it?) We're currently staying at Perdana View, around Damansara Perdana..very near to IKEA and The CURVE!!! Heee siok! we love his apartment view too! Tell u...his apartment is at higher level so we can see the view from here....very beautiful..esok tah ku snap the photos ah.... Cant mention whose house we're staying at..but babehs..u know where rite..hehe... it's for our security! lol :P~ Honestly bie..siokkkk!!! owh owh we love his apartment too........owhh..we know wer Que Haider's house too! lol....sapa minat?? haha...
anyway im off to bed soon..we'll be checking in at 1st world hotel OU, Damansara tomorrow afternoon! huhu..cant wait for the Shopping marathon! I need to get my Nike Women Shox Deliver first! i hope it's cheap! lol Fingers cross!

sign off from Perdana View, Damansara;