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Friday, December 5, 2008

MySpace Altered Box (For Artz-De-Scrap December Challenge)

Yeay! Finally my scrap project is done! hehe... I started it last nite and had a break for few hrs out fishing wt leejah at hemm i dunno wat the place called... i didnt actually la..it was leejah who tried her luck...haha i guess she really has the luck! :P we just stopped by there for an hr rite jah then drove back home since i promised my mom i wud be back before 11pm. Anyway as soon as i got back..i continued workin on this altered box and only finished it this afternoon.... i was a little lost last nite.... didnt want to overdoing it...so i left it lying on my floor last nite and continued this afternoon...just adding some embellishment...and i thought i need to do something wt the empty space..so i created a mini pot and cut off some grass/leaves-like shapes...hence... a pot of leaves? lol.... watever it's called la ah..hehe..anyway here's my final product! hope u like it...tho it's not that smart... ahhaa... i wud add some frame stand at the back of this box..it's gonna be like a stand framed box? <--is that how u call it kah bie?

p/s: this is actually a vincci shoe box..so i altered it! cool jua ah... btw...this is inspired by "> Regiane's
im always a big fan of her...she's such an inspiration!

this is it for now...cant wait to work on my next lo for my beloved sis lea.... ;o) as promised dear! see u soon in KL!
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