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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look What I've found more on AH??

Haha...u can call me INSANE for never stop talking about Avalon High and indeed i tried to dig out more on the sequel if there's any..it seems there is..xcept it's in comic version..how i wish Meg comes up wt the sequel story.... but anyway... guess what i've found out thru my research just now...hehhee..... remember i said i wish they do have the movie version..did i mention it in my previous post? or was it somewhere else..hehe but anyway...this is what i found from my google search....

YES!! AVALON HIGH (MOVIE/SERIES?? I'M STILL NOT SURE BUT IM GONNA FIND OUT SOON!!) Goshh!! I'm goin insane!! ahahhaha.... i want to watch this!!! Look at Will Waigner the reincarnated King Arthur with the blue eyes!! Forget Twilight!!! :P~
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