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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Hey every1!! sorry for the late updates! Still gearing up from the holiday mood! haha very tiring laaa this first week of working days! Honestly i've been pretty lazy during my working days....sleepy n demotivated wt the fact that i miss KL! haha (ehemz... + him! hahaha awuuu dehhh aku ngakun! i miss my juice... :P~)

Our KL Trip was fun and memorable! Esp our New year celebration wt Bibie n Leejah.... how we wish the rest of the babes were around too.... tsk tsk.... but anyway we do had fun! Bkt Bintang was Happening!!!! But it felt like we're surrounded by mostly Chinese and Indian n Westerners! I hardly spot the malays...ada but i guess...the chinese community shrinked the malays haha..... i must agree wt my juice words! "melayu tak byk celeb kat kl mimiey!!" lol... but anyway it was really a memorable new yr celebration..... eventho we almost missed the countdown pasal luan kesiokan begmbr ahahhaa..inda sadar2 hahaha... sorry i will only upload the kl pics nx time ah..... inda tekarih.... but for the meantime..i'll show my Scrap purchase from Scrap Heaven 1 Utama Damansara.... luckily i came across wt that shop... so many scrappin stuff... cheap...but i was trying to limit my budget on it cuz i wanted to shop on other stuff.... (i was aiming for my Nike Women Shox Deliver which i thought would cost me almost rm500...but sadly they havent got that latest edition yet..... sighhhhh) and i bought about 10 ribbons frm Tangs Pavillion! siokkkk!!! the ribbons i wanted to get wt bibie frm the company itself but we didnt get the chances to go there.... anyway here are my purchase on my scrappin stuff n ribbons...huhu...

My purchase frm Scrap Heaven, 1 Utama

My ribbons from TANGS, Pavillion! owhhhh heaven!!!

and i guess im just very lucky to have a very kind senior collegue (who happened to be my former teacher) tcr Norafidah...she got me few scrapbookin stuff frm Philippines...hehe surprise! surprise...huhu....xcited...

This is it for now... will update soon wt our kl pics...sorry gurls im still bz wt my schemes n lesson notes n reports and i mite be joining the Art exhibition in Hua ho mall tutong nx week...so come over! :o)