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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KK Trip (24-26th march) & Fun Outing @ JP 27th March 2009

Hey there everyone! sorry for the long awaiting updates! hehe..been busy wt works.... was enjoying our 10 days holidays so no times for blog updates...no scrapping at all too! Goshhh i 've been buying more n more scrappin stuff in the past few weeks n months but no scrapping mood yet... hehe... lack of mojo..shall i say?? :o)
Anyway... we (me n Lulu ) went for a KK trip on the 24th til 26th march 2009 with my parent.. I was begging Lulu to accompany me tho...hehehe... thank god i managed to pujuk her! hehe thanks babe for the good times..tho tani boring sebenarnya...haha but at last.... we enjoyed our Secret recipes ah! slurrppssss i loved the chocolate mousse cheesecake....soooooo yummyyyy.... owh well.... wont say much...here are some random pics taken during the kk trip n our fun outing @ JP (kes boring kami sudah tu... KNK!! siok juaaaaa)

@ Imperial Hotel Warisan Square KK (kes boring~)

JP Outing~
Lulu posing skejap~
We were so excited to enter the playground! :o)

wt little Fathur Rahman

Mimiey , little farah n Lulu~

Acting like Kanak-Kanak Ribena..... :P~

@ the bumper car area....

Cant wait to ride that thing! Peace Y'all! :P~

Lulu was so excited!



Finally hungry..we rushed to the Pizza hut Mall Gadong..

That's it....
till next time....