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Friday, April 24, 2009

Boring FRiday? But Productive Day~

I was bored...i woke up by a collegue's call to ask regarding my banner file... hope he gets it done by monday....

Anyway my friday was a little boring.... other than feeling uncomfy wt the pain ... and i needed to come up wt something....so i ended up doing some photoshops (yesss instead of scrapbooking...i dun have the guts to clean up the mess after doin it...thats y :P~) and here they are...

Like it? Cuz i do! :o)~

I've been thinkin of producing newsletter for the ArtDepartment. I was asked to come up wt a new plan under our Art Dept activity. So i think this is one of the best i can come up with and not that difficult to do...(as long as they are willing to sponsor for the coloured cover! :o) ) This is just a sample for the first edition of the ArtCore newsletter and im not sure it will be ready to publish..i still need to discuss with some of my girls and collegues and collecting more articles to fit in the newsletter... hopes it will work tho!!! Back me up!! :oP~
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