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Friday, April 17, 2009

For the love of Scrapping & SG Dream :o)

Guess what!! I've spent another $97.50 for my scrap purchased today! haha Couldnt resist myself from buying the new arrivals! Went to SC after watching Hotels for dogs wt my PP students (cuz our schedule for the pingpong tournament kana tukar tomorrow!! urghhh!!)...

I had just finished scrappin another LO on Scrapmojo April challenge "My Imaginary friend!" hahaha... mr Turtle~ see...how we look good together...dont u think? if only he could talk.... hehe

Owh yesterday morning after my subuh prayer...i even had times to scrap this little ATC for my collegue Ckg Hasrinah as promised... it feels such a relief whenever i can do something for my friends... :o)

Owhh..did i tell u i'd done a little cleaning up and tidying up my room lastnite..and i've got my own scrappin corner too now..hehe but it's not that goodlaa..wait till i do something more nanti..i even had to clear off some of my stuff away... cant believe i've got like 3 big "kantong bedagang" of my bag collections!! and hav to keep them in the store room just to clear the space.... lol...

I surely need to do something on this area! (fingers-crossed! x haha)
And another good news... our trip to KL-SG is confirmed!! Wuhoooo!! lucky me i managed to get cheap tket to KL less than Bnd$200 thank god to the economy promo price! and the bad news is... i have to control myself from spending after this.... budgetting! budgetting! cuz our trip in june will be before the pay day!!! lets hope i can make it~
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