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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello guys..

For the past 2 weeks, we have heard and seen mind blowing news "happening' in our beloved country. Chronologically, it all started when His Majesty the Sultan himself 'turun padang', literally going into the field to plant our first 'LAILA'. I wish i was there participating beside His Majesty. That would have been a great moment in my life.
Then we saw His Majesty briefing the high and above (we knew them better with the title VVIP) about issues we 'little' people had tried to express before. Then shortly afterward on His Majesty 63rd birthday titah, he showered us with a present that we longed for, the 'pencen' scheme.

The 'pencen' scheme had been a hot topic debated for so long that we almost gave up on it. Eventhough it is not actually the same as the 'old pencen' scheme, personally i am most grateful that it has been implemented again.

With all the worries that we've been through with the AH1N1 pandemic, the news came like the rain in a draught time.

So, i hereby wanted to say "DAULAT KEBAWAH DULI TUAN PATIK". May ALLAH blessed your Highness with prosperity, health and happiness... AMIN YA RABBALAMIN
Yours Truly