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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oreo Chocolate Truffles ~ Success!!

Happy sunday every1... jus feel like staying home saja and ive been wanting to make these chocolate truffles since last week..n only dcided to make it real today..since sum1's bday's comin soon..so i need a trial dlu...make it's successful n yg penting confirmed nyaman..and yeahhh it is..(perhaps to me it is..since it tastes more like brownies hahaha brownies truffles that is! haha xcept it's oreos...hehe )

My collegues Ref n Peng's hinting to taste it since they noticed my status in FB...ehemzzz....yeahhhh of coz it's about making oreo chocolate truffles obviously......i just feel that i need a self-therapy that's much more worthed to do for...+ ive been sooooo rajin to make the giftbox too haha...... xcited~!! hehe...

anyway this is it for now..i better get my shower now hehee ehemzz it's already almost 2pm hahahaha.. :P~ may b im heading to the airport tonite since my mom told me my bro's flyin to Brazil tonite...but not sure wat's the vacation for...works or just holiday....